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After Giving.... Thanks Is Giving  Back

Some people give from the heart, some because they’re passionate about a cause and others pull from the traumatic life experiences they have been through to help make sure it’s easier for others.

We found two women who stories inspire us so much that we are not sure how we are going to have a dry eye during their interviews this Wednesday on What Women Want Talk Radio!

Taylor Matthews was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at the age of 11, and spent the rest of her very short five years of life helping to raise funds for a cure. Her mother is now crusading to expand Taylor’s non-profit and finish her mission of finding a cure.

Alzerina Gomes did not own a pair of shoes until the age of 14, and now as an internationally renowned jewelry designer, she is figuring out how she can help clothe the small village where she came from in Africa.

Tune in this week and find out the back stories, the triumphs and tragedies, and especially…the success of their efforts that we should be praising along with emulating.


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