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Book Launch, NYC

Book Launch Charlotte, NC

Book Launch Westchester, NY

Book Signing-Manchester by the Sea

Barnes & Noble Book Signing- Yonkers,NY

Barnes & Noble Book Signing-Eastchester,NY

Park Road Book Store-Charlotte, NC



TODAY Show (Nashville)

Fox 46 Good Day Charlotte


-WINT AM Radio, Cleveland Ohio Local 4 

-WSVA  Radio with Mick Schikman, Harrisburg, PA 

-KOGA Midwest Options Radio

-American Medicine Today Radio

-Shawna and LaLa on the Radio

KMA Land Radiol

-AM Ocala Live 

-The Larry Conley Show/WQNA


-The Jiggy Jaguar Show KJAG 

-KLCK Radio 


-KIKO Morning News 

-WKNY-AM in Kingston, NY

-KLCK Radio

-KOGO Radio

-Upstate Parent Interview

-Life hacker Interview

-Health Professional Radio 

-Oscala Live

-411 TEEN of WFSC 

-Dean & Friends KMLA 

-Popoff Live” on KAHI-AM

-Positive Parenting Radio April 1st

-Neil Hayley Show

-Health Professional  

- American Medicine

-“Dean & Don Program” on KMA radio

-The Julia Journal

-Talk Radio NYC

-Good Morning Westchester

--Perspectives on parenting

-The Idea Exchange

-WPEV Radio with Brenda Murphy and the Idea Exchange

-Your Fav Radio Host-Coring La Font

-WHPC 90.3-Your Family's Health Radio Show

-What Woman 

-The Susan Niegro Show

-Radio Show-Dare to Be Authentic

-Between The Lines

-The Quiet Warrior

Book Sue & Andrea

Book Sue and Andrea at your event. They are both inspirational speakers who love to speak about ways to celebrate life even while experiencing dire situations. Please fill out the form below to book your event.

They are available to speak about: How to advocate for yourself or a loved one; how to overcome the shortcomings of the health care system;  turning a cancer diagnosis into a opportunity to help others through establishment of the Taylor Matthews Foundation; underfunding of pediatric cancer research.

Success! Message received.

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