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How to keep your Friends Updated

How To Keep your Friends Updated

Word of Taylor’s diagnosis moved quickly throughout our community. We were unable to answer calls or emails and we couldn’t bear to tell the story over and over again. As many of my friends know, I rarely answer the phone and no one ever answers the house phone (which I might add is still the case a decade later). Within a day of diagnosis Bob somehow had the wherewithal to start an “online journal.” It was meant to keep everyone up to date but also to keep people from having to ask questions that prompted the same horrifying responses. Eloquently and with great compassion and humor, he relayed her story. Many of his journal entries were written in the middle of the night. They were honest and accurate but they rarely told the detail of the horror we were experiencing because sometimes Taylor and her friend’s read it and we didn’t want anything to interfere with her optimism and drive. One of his later entries reads, “For those of you who have stuck by us, stayed in touch even though we weren’t always responsive, and checked this site for months looking for an update, we are indebted to you in a way you can’t possibly understand.” None of us could ever have imagined that Bob would still be writing 41/2 years later. Bob’s last journal entry, written at a at time when the blog had over 600,000 views, was approximately two months before we lost Taylor. He wasn’t able place a final period at the end of Taylor’s story because their will never be an end to her story…… Taylor remains deep in our hearts and souls and guides us to live life the way she would want us to.

March 17, 2018


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