Thoughts about Publication Day

It is June 24th, two days before the official publication date of my memoir Paint Your Hair Blue. Although it has been available for pre-sale, and the e-book has been out for several months, the publication date is emotionally significant to me.

Months ago when I first saw the book on Amazon, for pre-sale, it took my breath away. I stared at my computer and thought, “Did I do the right thing? A very personal story of my daughter, Taylor’s, cancer journey is now available for the world to see.” My fears and anxiety were mixed with joy as I felt I achieved Taylor’s goal and mission in life of helping other children with cancer. The book is full of information that would be invaluable to anyone going through a cancer diagnosis.

All the positive comments we have received from those who have read the book thus far have re-enforced my feelings of accomplishment, fulfilled me and given me purpose and meaning. I now know I did the right thing.

For the first time I am reading the paperback version of Paint Your Hair Blue rather than seeing it on my computer. I am laughing and crying but mostly it is bringing me great joy in remembering my beautiful daughter, her love for life, and her unending love for me and our family. I plan to celebrate the publication date with great joy, look to the heavens and remember the miracle of Taylor’s birth and all the love we shared unconditionally for a short but beautiful sixteen years.

And, by the way, Taylor this is a written request for you to send me “winks from heaven” on June 26! I am laughing, as I know you will come through as you always do. I love you baby girl, today, and 1000 years from now.