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      Actress and Singer

Being an actress, I can’t help jumping into the lives of others. Paint Your Hair Blue is a love story where heartbreak, joy, and tears will capture your heart and make you believe that love can conquer all.

If you've ever loved someone with all your strength, mind, heart and soul, this book - this love story - will appeal to you.

National  Best Seller


A Celebration of Life with Hope for Tomorrow in the Face of Pediatric Cancer


Founder of Jeff Gordon's Children Foundation; Retired NASCAR Champion 

A triumph of the human spirit! This book will make you laugh and cry as you cheer Taylor on in her fight against childhood cancer.

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The Book

In PAINT YOU HAIR BLUE, Sue Matthews takes you through the heartwarming tale of heroic courage and devastating blows that characterized her daughter Taylor’s odyssey through the underfunded world of pediatric cancer.  The book is an inspiring tale of the power of love and determination. It will empower you, no matter what your circumstance, to embrace life and take control of your own destiny and teach you how to face fears with strength, fortitude and confidence while living life to the fullest. Taylor will make you a better warrior in the war on cancer with this story of survival, where love transcends all and where every moment is a celebration of life.

The reader will discover how Taylor and her family learned to balance the necessity of her continuous medical treatments with the need for her to be a kid and to live as normally as possible. You will gather dozens of tips and pointers, gleaned by trial and error, about navigating the maze of pediatric oncology through the lens of a layperson and better understand the need for parents and all caregivers to be their own advocates.

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