I Am From.. a magnificent poem written by Andrea

August 6, 2018


By Andrea Cohane


I Am From the ticking of the grandfather clock,

            Big apples

And music sounding out from ivory keys

            Black coffee, a nervous spoon against his cup

Ringing out as

            Shaking hands would admonish me… “Watch out!”


A decade late, baby sister,

            I Am From forever young

From lessons learned not to listen,

            Close the door, there’s no admission.

I Am From the endless schemes,

            The sidewalk chalk, and constant mischief


I Am From thick yellow sunflowers bursting off canvas,

            When I was but merely a seed

From Paradise Drive, though you could beg to differ

            Where the red wine flowed over Pesto dinners

I Am From Vienna fingers, Roman summers and the stony brook lane

            And from friendships that have lasted a lifetime


I Am From show tunes and bright disco lights

            “Happy Talk,” though sometimes sad

From roller skates under warm ice cream nights

            Italian immigrant pride   

I Am From the chipping gray deck where we ate and we stared

            Onto the Weeping Willow Tree



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